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Fine Arts Room Open at RCS

By Ms. Hayley Hyer, Music and Library Teacher

The fine arts are open and back in business at Resurrection Catholic School.

Last year, the fine arts special classes were taught a little differently. Teachers traveled to the classrooms with carts and taught from premade boxes that were stored in the rooms. This year, students get to travel back downstairs to the fine arts wing (distanced and masked!) for music, art, and library special classes.

After a year of being outside the classrooms, there was a lot to do to get the fine arts room and library ready for students. I am grateful for the help art teacher, Mrs. Riley, and I received from volunteers and donors, especially Con Carpet Tile & Design who donated a brand new carpet for music class.

This is my first year teaching music at RCS, and I’m thrilled it’s finally the first week of school and time to meet all of the students.

This year, music class will have a big focus on learning to read music, sing, dance and compose. We will learn collaboration by making decisions as a class to compose our own song for each grade. Middle school students will also have the opportunity to compose their own song and teach it to the rest of the class.

Performing and sharing can be an intimidating experience, so we will work together to create a culture of respect for each other and ourselves in our music classroom. There will be no judgment, and students will be allowed to present with a partner if they would rather not be alone while sharing their song.

For library class this year, students will be provided with a significant amount of relaxing free time to read a book of their choice. Students will also learn how to alphabetize books and organize the library shelves. Just like in music class, we will work on collaboration and respect for each other, as well as the books and library resources.

During reading time, older grades will be allowed to pick a book and spend quiet time on their own in the library space. Younger grades will get to work together and vote on which books they want to be read aloud.

After reading time, all students will participate in creative free flow. Crayons and unlined paper will be available for whatever students want to do. They may draw a picture of what they read or heard, or they might write a poem that is inspired by the reading.

I’m eager to see what students create this year in the fine arts at RCS!


Ms. Hayley Hyer joined RCS in 2021. She is the Music and Library Teacher. She holds a degree in English from Rockhurst University. To learn more about Ms. Hyer or any of our teachers visit

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