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Student Spotlight: Showcasing Student Work

The Resurrection Student Spotlight was a collaboration between Dr. Mary Jo Gates, middle school social studies teacher, and Mrs. Mary Cate Skevington, STREAM Coordinator and Makerspace teacher.

The purpose was to provide our students with an authentic experience of creating and displaying their work. The entire school was invited to view the students' work, with opportunities for discussion, reflection, and analysis.

Work showcased in the Student Spotlight included:

  • 1st Grade Land Sail Cars

  • 2nd Grade Architecture

  • 3rd Grade Animal Adaptations

  • 6th Grade Roman Mosaics

  • 7th Grade World Geography Display Boards

  • 8th Grade Tetrahedral Kites

  • 8th Grade Civil War Battles One-Pagers

Thank you to all of the teachers that helped make the Student Spotlight possible!

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