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8th Grade Prepares for Confirmation and Learns about Business Structures

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Eighth grade is an exciting year for students - they are the leaders of the school, take on more responsibilities, receive the sacrament of Confirmation, and prepare to graduate and move on to high school.

What is the 8th grade currently doing in the classroom? Dr. Gates, students' homeroom teacher and social studies teacher, shared an inside look into the learning taking place.

Confirmation Preparation: The 8th-grade students have spent the last two weeks researching the lives of various saints with the goal of choosing a Confirmation saint. To make their choice, they were asked to find a saint with whom they have a personal connection. Also, they were asked to choose a saint that will inspire them to become a more faithful person. They have approached the selection of their Confirmation saint with great thought and care.

Graduation Fundraiser: The 8th graders will be selling suckers during the last week of October to help pay for their class t-shirts. The fundraiser has been organized into a business structure. Students applied for and nominated other students for leadership roles, such as Project Manager, Marketing / Advertising Manager, and Inventory Manager. Each manager has an assistant manager and a support team. The students are working on creating posters, flyers, and order forms. They are off to a great start on this project!


Dr. Mary Jo Gates joined RCS in 2020. She attended Catholic schools from elementary through her undergraduate. She is the 8th-grade homeroom teacher and middle school Social Studies teacher. She earned a degree in both Elementary Education and Business Administration. She holds a Master's of Arts in School Leadership and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. To learn more about Ms. Lindsay or any of our teachers visit

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