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RCS: Something Special in Today's World

Upon joining Resurrection in 2019, one of the things that struck me most, and continues to inspire me, is the sense of family one experiences at Resurrection. Students and teachers come from diverse backgrounds - racial, cultural, spiritual, linguistic, and socioeconomic - yet, there is very much a sense of unity throughout the school.

The word "catholic" means universal, all-embracing, and inclusive. As Catholics, we believe that we are all united as children of God. Fittingly, the 2020-2021 school theme for Resurrection Catholic School is "One Faith One Family."

As a society, we have become a physically, emotionally, and spiritually divided people. The pandemic, social injustices, and political tensions that are gripping our country, are just some of the divisions we face. Yet, now more than ever, people are craving a sense of community, of unity, of family, and recognize the importance of human interaction and connection. This is something that you can find in abundance at Resurrection.

As I visited classrooms on the first day of school (September 8th), taking photos of masked students and teachers in their new "normal", I was once again struck by the sense of unity that exists. Students may be spaced six feet apart, but there is still a sense of closeness and unity. You hear it in the interaction between students and teachers. You see it in the eyes of students as you ask them to smile for a picture. You feel it during morning prayer on Zoom. You experience it when enrollment numbers show the confidence that parents have in your school family.

While this year's theme is "One Faith One Family," it is a theme that is applicable each year at Resurrection. The truth is, when you join Resurrection, you immediately become a part of a family. In today's world, that is something very special.

Felicia Holcomb has been at Resurrection since 2019. She is the Director of Marketing, Development, and Enrollment.

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