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Promoting Literacy All Summer Long

My name is Allie Dorsey and I am the Enrichment Coordinator and Librarian at Resurrection Catholic School. Because of COVID-19, our summer programs look a little different.

This summer, I am helping to teach parents about the importance of reading and writing exposure at home with their children. We are focusing on students that will be entering kindergarten in the fall. Each week throughout the summer, the students are tested using the DIBELS testing assessment to determine their letter shape and recognition.

The parents are then given tools, such as magnetic letters and alphabet books, to help practice with their children at home. The hope is that we can work together with parents to ensure each child’s success in school!

The other summer project that I have implemented is a social justice book club for students in grades K-8. Students meet once a week on Zoom to discuss the book that they are reading and how it is related to our current world problems.

There are different books for grades K-2 ( Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman), grades 3-5 (One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia), and grades 6-8 (Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker-Rhodes). These books all deal with diversity, race, and the inequalities that certain groups face in the world. I am excited to discuss these important topics with students while also encouraging reading throughout the summer!

I am so proud of all the effort and dedication that Resurrection provides to helping students succeed, and I am so thankful to be a part of their learning this summer!

Allie has been at Resurrection since 2013. She is the Enrichment Coordinator, Librarian, and Makerspace Coordinator at Resurrection Catholic School. One of her favorite things to do is run the summer school camps.

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