Extended Learning Programs

Summer 2020 Program Options - Virtual
Program includes daily read aloud and book discussion, instructional videos, hands-on projects focused on creation and problem solving, show and tell, writing practice, exercise break/video, and a digital field trip. Students will receive a program kit with all needed materials inside. Laptops are also available for check-out. Registration fee is $30 per program, per student OR $100 per student for all 5 programs.

Program #1: Amazing Animals (June 1-5) - $30

Learn all about animals, their environment, and how they survive in the world. Sign up deadline is May 27th. 

Program #2: Space Spectacular (June 8-12) - $30

Space is a crazy place and there is so much to explore! Join us as we dive deep into the solar system and more! Sign up deadline is May 27th. 

Program #3: Super STREAM Sports (June 15-19) - $30

How do sports affect our bodies? Come learn how our bodies move and react in sports! Sign up deadline is May 27th. 

Program #4: Crazy Cool Chemistry (June 22-26) - $30

What is the difference between chemical and physical changes? What happens when two chemicals combine? Come learn with us! Sign up deadline is May 27th. 

Program #5: Awesome American Art (June 29-July 3) - $30

America has a rich history of art. Come learn about different artists in America and how history affected their art. Sign up deadline is May 27th. 

Summer 2020 Book Clubs - Virtual
Students participate in an interactive book club using an age approriate textbook. This summer's focus is on diversity and promoting social justice. Students participate in 4 structured Zoom meetings with Ms. Dorsey to discuss the book and apply literacy skills. Meeting dates are June 16th, June 23th, June 30th, and July 7th. Registration fee is $10 and includes cost of the book. 

What will the programs look like? How does virtual learning work? Please watch this message from program and Enrichment Coordinator, Mrs. Dorsey.

1st-2nd Grade Book Club (9:00 -10:00 AM) - $10 

Students will read Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman. Sign up deadline is June 11th.

3rd-5th Grade Book Club (10:30 - 11:30 AM) - $10 

Students will read One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia. Sign up deadline is June 11th.

6th-8th Grade Book Club (12:00 PM -11:30 AM on June 16, June 23, June 30, July 7)- $10 

Students will read Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes. Sign up deadline is June 11th.

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