"The purpose of fine arts education is to share the creative vision of how God is present in our human experiences. Classic images of Catholic art illustrate how this presence is expressed in a variety of cultures.  The sacramental dimension of the Catholic tradition is expressed and evidenced by celebrating the importance of the arts and music in the liturgy, which encompasses aspects of fine arts and plays a central role in the Catholic tradition.  Students will learn about the vast contributions of the Church to the fine arts.  In addition, other forms of music, art and drama that are chosen for students to explore will be oriented toward beauty and goodness." -Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas



Students at Resurrection develop their creative abilities in art. Our certified art teacher promotes problem-solving, curiosity, and individuality through crafted lessons. Students’ art is displayed throughout the building. In addition to the weekly art classes, art is also integrated into other subject areas by classroom teachers.


Through singing, exploring music concepts, and developing instrument skills, students at Resurrection develop their musical talents and learn about music theory. Students have opportunities for class and school-wide performances throughout the year. Participation in drama is also made possible through after-school programs and partnerships with Bishop Ward High School.

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