What is online learning? Due to COVID-19, online learning has become an essential part of the education system. Online learning, which can also be referred to as distance learning or virtual learning, is when teacher instruction and student demonstration of knowledge takes place online. Online learning utilizes technology, as well as traditional methods such as book reading, workbook practice, and project creation.

How is online learning different than traditional learning? The difference is how information is presented to students and where the information is presented. Teachers use pre-recorded and lives videos, as well as Zoom sessions, to provide instruction. Teachers may share these with students using email, Youtube, Google Classroom, or See Saw. 

How does my child complete assignments? With online learning, there are many ways a teacher may ask a student to demonstrate their learning. This can include a picture of their completed work, a video explanation, a drawing, or a typed assignment. How students demonstrate their learning and where they submit it is up to the teacher. 

How can my child be learning the same amount when they are spending less time on their work? Less time is spent on some elements because of online learning limitations such as play for discovery, social experiences, and recess. One of the main reasons students spend less time completely online learning is because there are fewer transitions. Students are also able to work at their own pace and there are fewer distractions (as compared to a classroom with 15 other students). 

What technology is used? Resurrection has been able to provide each student in grades preschool through 8th with a device for at-home use during online learning. Most students are utilizing Chromebooks. Websites most often used are See Saw, Google Classroom, and Zoom. To help both parents and students navigate these technologies, we have created video tutorials and have available tech support. For families with limited Internet access, we are happy to work with you and brainstorm solutions.


Does my child stare at a screen all day? No, your child does not stare at a screen all day. Online learning does involve video instruction from teachers, but gives students independent practice opportunities and projects to complete that are off-screen as well.


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