Students in PreK-5 receive daily instruction in a comprehensive English language arts program.  Students in grades K-5 utilize the Journeys curriculum. The focus of instruction allows for reading both literature and informational texts, for acquiring foundational skills, and for developing mastery of speaking, listening and writing.  Instruction for our youngest students begins with identifying letters and their sounds, then teaches students how to blend these letters into words.  Specific decoding skills are practiced in small groups.  

Language arts instruction in grades 6 through 8 focuses on continuing to develop speaking, listening and writing through study of classical literature and informational text. 

Students in each grade have weekly library and are able to check-oud books for personal use. The librarian also educates students on text features and genres to further reinforce concepts taught by classroom teachers. Resurrection's library contains additional resources for classroom learning, such as non-fiction books. 

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